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Spring Standard Event - Round 2 Results and Round 3 Pairings

Tuesday, April 27, 2010
Round Two Results: 

1. Andrews - Tanas 1-0
2. Alataiwi - McDonald 1 - 0
3. Campbell - Shapbell 1 - 0

Two players jumped out to a 2-0 start in our first ever standard time controlled, bi-weekly event. FM Andrews was fortunate to hold off Zaki Tanas after going down the exchange and then only fortunately winning in a time scramble at the end. Despite the upsetting result, Zaki, like always, had a smile on his face and showed great class in taking the undeserved defeat. Ali Alataiwi also overcame a tough position to convert the win. The two perfect scores face off this week for first place (Round 3: 6:30 PM Wednesday April 28th).

Round Three Pairings:

1. Alataiwi - Andrews
2. Tanas - Shapbell
3. McDonald - Campbell