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February Blitz Championship

 | Published on 2/13/2008
     A field of eight duked it out for the early lead in the second event of our 12-event, year-long blitz grand prix. A unique field combined of Nashville's most active and veteran players kept the event close until the very end. Nobody was in clear last place in the entire event since more than half the matches were split 1-1 in our double-swiss event. The difference maker was Josh Salter's match over second place finisher, "McTimmerson" Cooper. Fresh off his u/1800 victory at the Nashville Open, Josh scored a smokin' 10.5 points out of a possible 12.0. Josh is the first player to lead the blitz grand prix in '08, breaking a four way tie from event #1 in January. The early leaders are:



1.     Josh Salter                          27.25

      2 . Timmy Cooper                       24.25

     3.  James Wu                              18.75

     4. Josh Wolff                               15.50

     5. Wardell Vance                        12.00

      6. Jim Al-Shamma                      11.75

      7. Dale Rigby                               7.50

      8. Tom Wright                              5.00

      9. Dewitt Pullen                           3.50

    10. Tony Bush                               3.00

    11. Claudio Galido Cruz              2.50

    12. Lindsey Scruggs                    2.00

    13. Emmy Madsen                       1.50    



Be sure and check our calender for next month's blitz event!